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Books needed for 6th form studies.   Term starts very soon

* Received with thanks

  1 Writing In English  by Hazel Simmonds McDonald
* 2 CAPE Communication Studies by Veronica Simon & Sandra Osbourne
  3 Preparing Students for CAPE Communication by Edlin D.Rochford
  4 Biological Science /New Understanding Biology by Atwaroo Ali
  5 Chemistry for CAPE  
  6 Art Craft Design  by Clodagh Holahan & Maureen Roche
  7 State of the Art Portfolios by Robyn Montana Turner
* 8 CAPE Caribbean Studies by Veta Dawes
* 9 Caribbean Studies by Jennifer Muhamed
  10 Encore Tricolore Book 3 (French)  


    For further information and delivery/pick-up options so as to get books to Jamoy.
            Cash donations can be deposited in mother's Bank Account.

    Contact:     Mother:  Natasha Andrews,      325-9810
                                            Little London, Westmoreland

                           Friends:  Andrew Shaw,   Westmoreland,    Flow: 926-9063    Digi: 315-5464

Michael Shilletto,  Kingston,                  925-1683,          Flow: 822-6156

    Book Stores in Kingston:

Kingston Bookshops
            Pavillion Mall                        968-4591
            Springs Plaza                       920-1529
            Boulevard Super Centre       934-0574
            Liguanea Post Office Mall     978-0615

Sangster's Bookstores
            17 Constant Spring Road        926-1800
            20 Constant Spring Road        926-0710
            Sovereign Mall,   Liguanea      978-3518
            Kingston Mall                           960-2488